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What material are the microfibres made from?

Our microfibres are crafted from a blend of polyester and polyamide for optimal durability and performance.

What size are the microfibres?

Our microfibres are all 30 x 30cm

Are they eco-friendly?

Yes, at Manny's we take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Our microfibres are not just a practical and stylish addition to your kitchen; they're an eco-friendly choice that promotes reusable practices. We believe in making a positive impact on the environment, and that's why we extend our commitment to sustainability beyond our products. From the microfibres themselves to our packaging, including shipping materials, we prioritise eco-conscious choices.

Where are they made?

Our microfibres are meticulously designed in Australia and undergo expert manufacturing in China, resulting in superior quality and attention to detail. Comprised of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, these microfibres excel in both absorption and surface cleaning. Additionally, their distinctive texture, reminiscent of corn kernels, ensures a deep and effortless clean.

How long will shipping take?

Our store provides Australia Wide Shipping using the reliable AUSTRALIA POST Standard Shipping method. Customers can expect their orders to be delivered within 4-10 business days. For faster delivery, we also offer express shipping options with a delivery timeframe of 1-4 business days.

Are they available in different colours?

Our microfibre options include sand, clay, and mud. Additionally, we have some exciting new products in the works, so stay tuned for updates!

Are they machine washable?

When it comes to our machine-washable microfibres, convenience meets longevity. Designed for easy care, simply toss them in the washing machine. However, we also encourage the eco-friendly practice of hang drying, as it conserves energy and ensures the extended lifespan of your microfibres. Avoid using fabric softeners to preserve their pristine quality. Our microfibres are engineered to provide enduring softness and optimal performance, making them a reliable and sustainable choice for your kitchen.